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Reliable Quantitative & Qualitative Research

So many factors go into a successful project. Whether you're launching a new product or running for office, understanding your target market is crucial. With this in mind, Miami Market Research offers targeted solutions designed to help you reach your goals. With our team on your side, success is easily within reach.

Qualitative Research

During this process, we strive to ensure that the research we gather covers both the breadth and depth of your project. Since qualitative measures rely more on the individual, we make sure to give each respondent personal attention. Our qualitative services include:

• Focus Groups
• Individual In-Depth Interviews
• Triads
• Ethnographies
• Clinics
• Mock Juries

Focus Group

Quantitative Research

As the most visited research facility in Miami, it's safe to say that qualitative research is our forte. We have a database of over 100,000 respondents, and our research represents one of the greatest sample groups statewide. Our quantitative services include:

• Mall Intercepts
• Door-to-Door Interviewing
• Store Audits

• Mystery Shopping
• Phone Interviewing
• Taste Tests

• Movie Screening
• Exit Polling
• In-Store Product Demonstration
Additional Services:
• Online Interviews
• Phone Interviews
• Taste Tests • In-store Product Tests